Rail freight transport

We provide the following services:

  • Rail freight transport by any kind of rolling stock
  • Intermodal transport
  • Door-to-door carriage of freight
  • Transport of standard-size and oversize cargo
  • Development of logistic schemes
  • Development of loading schemes
  • Providing consignor services
  • Other services

Rail freight transport is universal and it is used to transport raw materials as well as goods with practically any parameters:

  • weight and dimensional parameters
  • requirements to temperature conditions
  • requirements to the level of weather protection

Intermodal transport

Successive carriage of freight in the same load unit (high-capacity container, swap body, semi-trailer, etc.):

  • with transhipment of the freight on route
  • from one means of transport to another without reloading the freight itself

Lease of rolling stock

Lease of rolling stock:

  • Box cars
  • Open box cars
  • Hoppers
  • Tank cars
  • Special-purpose cars
  • General-purpose cars and well cars

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